Thursday, October 23, 2008

aint supposed to die on a saturday night

so finally i think ill make regular posts
ive had this damn thing for months now and have like 2.5 posts... lame

here's the deal:
im taking a break from drinking for a while, and after 4 days, my creativity is starting to break through a little. SO, my idea is that i need a project to keep me sane, as well as something to occupy my time. My idea originally was to write a short story, semi autobiographical, but simply a story of blunders, fuck ups, lameness, disinterest, break ups, and otherwise debauchery. then i thought, "hey, dont i suck at writing? yeah! yes i do! why dont i put my degree to some use and write a script?"

so that brings me to current. i have been brainstorming ideas, doing webs, writing notes, and generally racking my brain for ideas, motivation, and characters. A story of a lack of motivation in a young artist as he spirals downward to his own destruction, sometimes highlighting to hidden pleasures in wasting passion. I just need a solid story line for the main character to measure his gate. Plus i need to character studies and create some sort of empathy for situation at hand.

so im going to post ideas as they develop, progress, and sections of script as they come so that my friends can check it out and give me notes. im hoping for a finish rough draft by january, and an edited, with notes, final draft by march.

log line: younger, bukoski-esque writer/artist during pittsburgh winter.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

we salute you

it has once again come upon me: the tides of change. in a good spot, then everything turned upside down. what more can you do? hang in there.

the red room is about to change, no longer will dead boys, adolescents and fu manchu radiate from the kitchen, but return to the more reserved manor of operation that existed before we got there. what a shame.

but we are all trying to stay positive; not all of us know whats going to happen, and it might end up all right.

i'm about to start writing more because i need something to occupy my time.

from me, probably as well as the rest of the kitchen, to "the rocker," friend, chef, and all around good dude: WE SALUTE YOU

Friday, July 18, 2008

and so it begins

so i've been promising to actually update, and i think today i turn over a new leaf.
right now is a time of many changes in my life:
i started at a new restaraunt (with the old crew) and i love it
i started a fucking blog (gay)
i actually care about where my life goes(for once)
i quit school (great decision)
and last but not least, i now am a proud owner of an iPod (gay again)

so listen up world, whether you like it or not im talking

Monday, May 26, 2008

tools of the trade

for the majority of my week, i hold:

and stand in front of:

but it ain't bad, actually it is the most exciting time of the week for me. putting out dishes and demolishing check times; its just like a game man. being in the weeds sometimes suck a la moment, however, afterwards is the most satisfying time. to know that i put out the food people are paying $20 to $40 for, and know they were satisfied also, well, that's is an accomplishing thought.
5 years ago, when i moved to pittsburgh, i never would have imagined that i'd be where i'm at. if thought i'd be mastering film making and writing plays, but i would not trade in my position for the world. one day i hope to be a chef, but i have plenty of time to master my new art, and work my way to that success.
in 5 months i have worked under two AMAZING chefs, kevin sousa (currently of red room fame) and anthony zallo (formerly of abrio fame) at the bigelow grille, and i have learn an immense amount from them. because of their training and guidance, i have projected my knowledge, become a better cook, and understand cookery better than i ever thought; and i still have a ton to learn.
i'm going to take off the summer from school so i can catch my breath and recuperate from some current stress. i've been in school most of my life, and working full time with school since 2003, and i just need some time to collect my thoughts, reorganize. i felt like i was breaking down; cascading toward a breakdown, and lord knows i don't need that again. so now i am happier and relieved, and looking forward to what the rest of the summer might bring.

meet the fam

my mom complains that she never has seen the dog, but here he is, 8 months old, super cuddly, and current in the phase where he likes to chew stuff... my vinyl is still on the floor.

i also have an iguana named elvis. he chill most of the day, every day and is about 4 feet long. spray him with a water bottle and he'll be your best friend.

first things first

sooo i have a few friends now with blogs... i figured, just as it is time for me to swallow my pride and by a god damn ipod, it is time fore me to start a journal. itll keep me out of trouble and make something productive out of my life.
i figure i'd get people acquainted with myself first: im a line cook, i live in a pittsburgh neighborhood called polish hill, i ride bicycles as transportation, i listen to punk rock, metal, and occasionally pop music.
i work at the bigelow grille in downtown pittsburgh, and im trying to make a lucrative career in the food/restaurant industry.
im 23 , full of piss and vinegar, and ready to start trouble. i cook my ass off. i have a dog (the bronx) and an iguana (elvis) that adorn my life when im not in a 130 degree plus kitchen.
not to be that cliche mother fucker, i wont post like 18 entries my first day... i have plenty of stories and pictures to share but would rather not simply explode them into your eye vaginas.